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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In todays modern society here in the uk the need for a capable guardian has never been greater.
The values of society are in spiral-increased crime rates and the uk's lax view on immigration have put our safety at risk like never before both on the streets and in our homes..
legions of foreign criminals are entering britain from societies that have totally differing cultural/educational/moral backgrounds to our own--couple this with the explosion in crimes committed by our own feral youth resulting in many areas of the uk becoming "no go zones" after dark----DOES THIS SOUND FAR FETCHED?? if so i suggest you wake up and enter the real world.....

This country has for many years been associated with the BULLDOG SPIRIT and the guile and tenacity of the bull breeds typified the nation as a whole.
Unfortunately the bull breeds have now become the target of young thugs to be used as status symbols and weapons of intimidation and a wave of anti bull breed hysteria is gripping the nation after both shocking deaths and maulings of children and adults alike.
These unsound dogs are also being used as forms of income and after a dramatic increase in young lads walking the streets with their PIT BULL TYPES i can see these dogs are being bred at an alarming rate--bred by idiots that have no concept as to what they are doing as long as they make money and gain kudos in their own little fucked up cliques,
these dogs are not pure bred pitbulls but usually cross bred bull and mastiffs..

The seemingly wierd obsession of having a giant red-red nosed animal have seen a massive increase in the use of the dogue de bordeaux-a sign of the times i am afraid.
Every young wannabe who is attempting to improve his status in his feral pack wants a bandog or pit type in the same way they want the latest nike kicks or mobile phone/mp3 etc-the dogs are as disposable as the clothes that they wear..
The blame for the vast majority of these disposable dogs both on the streets and in the shelters can be squarely placed on the shoulders of these uneducated/uncaring back street breeder who will breed whatever animals they own without a second thought of the possibly dangerous animals produced,,as long as they get the asking price,
usually sold to lads with more ego than sense and usually passed off as giant pits,,its a world wide problem and not just uk based..
Enter the serious breeder of sensible dogs for sensible people/capable dogs for capable people who have strict vetting procedures.
I fielded a call from a single mother of five a while ago who had purchased a giant pit/masiff cross puppy from a back yard breeder--she told me she had no time to train the dog and asked what i suggested,,I TOLD HER TO KEEP HER LEGS CLOSED AND TRY CONTRACEPTION WHILE TRYING TO FIND A SUITABLE HOME FOR THE PUPPY,,NOT THE ANSWER SHE WAS EXPECTING LOL..

PLEASE only contact spk bandogs if you have a thick skin and don't expect things sugar coating as a fuck off tends to offend.
I firmly believe that no one breeder particularly here in the uk breeds the perfect dog but as long as they can offer an honest opinion with proof of pedigrees/health screening/temperament testing and also offer an ongoing back up service you won't go far wrong.
The bullshit artists and easy money merchants are the ones to avoid and remember that just because somebody has crossed a bull breed and a mastiff doesn't qualify it for the title of bandog,,if the dog hasn't the mental and physical attributes to excel as a protection dog it is nothing more than a mutt,,,because of these poorly bred mutts our rights to own a guardian/protection dog are being rapidly eroded away..
there are no illegal breeds included in the spk breeding programme and no stud service to such animals so please do not get in touch if this is what you are looking for..


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